EKOPROTEKTING LOW is a product containing amino acids and micro-elements, used to fight against the negative effects that stress causes on plants. Ekoprotekting Low helps plants recover from adverse situations, caused either by environmental conditions or by phytosanitary treatments, droughts, bad soil, etc.


What is EKOPROTEKTING LOW used for?

The application of EKOPROTEKTING LOW causes the activation of certain physiological processes that minimize the negative effects that stress causes on plants. It increases photosynthetic activity and chlorophyll content.

EKOPROTEKTING LOW allows for quick recovery from adverse conditions, and it improves stress tolerance, by acting directly on the plant, intensifying the quality and quantity of fruits.

EKOPROTEKTING LOW contributes to stronger plants, with the capacity to resist adverse environmental conditions.

What types of stress do plants suffer?


The main type is abiotic stress, which can be caused by environmental factors (low or high temperatures, lack or excess of light, droughts, floods, etc.) or chemical factors (pollution, salinity, etc.). The lack of moisture in soils is one of the most common types of abiotic stress.

There is also biotic stress, which can be caused by animals or by the competition for resources between different plants.

Product details

When should you use EKOPROTEKTING LOW?

EKOPROTEKTING LOW should be used in the critical moments of the cycle (post-transplant, growth, pre-flowering, fruit set and fruit ripening) or if plants suffer environment stress.

Mode of application

To be used in horticulture, fruits, ornamentals, citrus, tropical and extensive agriculture. Apply by spray or fertilizing irrigation.


The product is available in different sizes: 0.25, 0.5, 1, 5, 10, 20, 200 and 1,000 liters.

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