This is Ekoprotekting

We specialise in the production of natural, organic and ecological products for agriculture

Ekoprotekting arose in 2017 as a busines unit withing Protekting, to meet clients’ need for a range of natural, organic and ecological products. Our products not only protect crops, but they also help with the environment and reduce residues to a minimum.

Our headquarters are located in Barcelona, Spain. As a European producer, Protekting is following the highest quality standards in manufacturing and product development.

We are specialized in the production of fertilizers and biological products, which offer specific solutions in accordance with modern agriculture needs.

Ekoprotekting works internationally, adapting to different needs in crop growing worldwide.

We work to guarantee a sustainable future for all crops. Through innovation and working together with the farmer, we create effective and competitive solutions that add value and respect for the environment, with the end goal of protecting life.




Our catalogue includes the following categories:

  • Deficiency correctors (fertilizers, nutritional products)
  • Surfactants
  • pH regulators
  • Biostimulants
  • Biopesticides